GOAL Counselor

The advisement program at GOAL is a cooperative effort between the counselor, teachers, students, parents, and base school faculty. We work with students to determine educational and behavioral goals, monitor academic and behavioral progress, and review students' individual requirements for graduation. Parents should be aware of the following:

Promotion/Retention requirements 

9th Grade: 0-4.5 credits, 10th Grade: 5-10.5 credits, 11th Grade: 11-16.5 credits, 12th Grade: 17+ credits

High School Graduation Requirements

Testing Requirements

Students also have short-term group and/or individual counseling available to them on an as-needed basis. Should you feel that your child needs to see the counselor, please contact the front office or your child's teacher and a referral will be made.

Carroll County Schools Graduation Framework Brochure